RECYCOAT aims to investigate various technologies to separate the different layers in complex, coated or laminated materials. To this end, the development of a good design of the coating or adhesive layer and / or its chemistry will be a point of attention. The material must be developed to allow maximum separation (i.e. recycling). The aim is to separate the different layers in the coated / laminated material. 

RECYCOAT addresses: 

  • coating companies, laminating companies, manufacturers of coated and laminated materials (textiles and plastics) such as floor and wall coverings, ...
  • producers of binder materials, adhesives, green solvents, additives that enable separation
  • coating formulators

Based on the obtained results, companies are expected to gain understanding in the various separation technologies, in order to select the appropriate technology to deploy in their own processes and products. This should lead to the development of coated or laminated products which layers can be separated and thus become recyclable (and reusable).