RECYSITE aims to demonstrate recyclability and reuse of a new generation of high performance fibre-reinforced thermoset composites from renewable resources (bio-waste)


  • Demonstration of new 100% recyclable and reprocessable composites formulations for maximising the recyclability and re-use of composite parts. Simultaneously it will limit incineration and landfilling to non-recyclable materials.
  • Valorisation of bio-waste residues from renewable resources not competing with food: natural fibres from bio-waste (linseed [flax] fibres) and resins from natural resources (linseed oil and humins).

Validation of the proposed solution in different strategic sectors

  • Transportation (refrigerated swap body)
  • construction (modular façade wall)


The project is coordinated by Centexbel (BE)

Project partners:

AITIIP (ES),Avantium (NL), SISPRA (ES), CIDETEC (ES), CNRS (FR) and La Zeloise (BE).

RECYSITE is cofounded by the Life Programme. Project number: LIFE15 ENV/BE/000204