Strengthen the sustainable employability of workers in the textile sector in a context of digital transformation, not only by learning the necessary technological skills, but above all by focusing on social skills in order to ensure the employability of the target group.


Focusing on the sustainable employability of textile workers:

  • focusing on social skills
  • to develop a tailor-made trajectory for them
  • to investigate different methods of knowledge transfer
  • stimulate competence development
  • and develop a policy on employability in the direct management of the target group

Project partners

Project leader: 

  • COBOT VZW: sectoral training centre for the textile industry


  • Centexbel
  • Antwerp Management School

Fedustria follows the project as a representative of the interests of the sector


Project ID: 8966

Financial support by EFS/ Europese Unie / Vlaanderen werkt