The roller castor chair test is, primarily, used to assess the durability of a floorcovering by simulating the conditions that it would be subjected to in real use.

Testing procedure

A floor covering, including one or more joints, treated or welded where necessary, is submitted for a prescribed number of cycles to the action of three castors. The castors move in epicyclical paths with multiple changes of direction, stops and starts, and the frequency of passage varies from area to area.

Three different assessment methods are specified for textile floor coverings:

  1. the change in appearance of a textile floor covering is assessed after 5000 cycles and 25000 cycles, in accordance with ISO 9405 (Test A)
  2. the change in colour is assessed by means of grey scales after 750 cycles (Test B), 
  3. the extent of deterioration of the specimen is assessed after 10000 cycles or 25 000 cycles (Test C).

For resilient and laminate floor coverings, any damage caused by detachment of layers, opening of joints, or crazing of the specimen is assessed.


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