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The process industry is working on solutions to achieve low emissions and promote circularity through waste reduction and the use of secondary raw materials.

The EU-funded DigInTraCE project will use innovative tracking, detection and sorting techniques to develop a transparent and interoperable decentralized traceability platform targeting the pulp, paper and chemical sectors. The project will also develop dynamically updated DPP schemes to support certification, quality validation, AI-based decision-making mechanisms for process and life-cycle optimization, and upcycling, reuse and upgrading technologies for better use of secondary raw materials.

DigInTraCE will focus on composite wood and furniture, wood and pulp and paper, plastic components of ICT equipment and the automotive market, and polymers and textiles. Based on a holistic framework for digitizing circular value chains, in DiginTraCE new and near real-time detection and sorting mechanisms and immersive new technologies will enable the exchange of crucial data on materials and lead to optimal secondary use of these materials. In our efforts to promote circularity and waste reduction by providing a transparent and interoperable decentralized platform that tracks, sorts and dynamically updates materials used in different value chains, we have a lot of work ahead of us,"  -- Dr. Angelos Amditis, project coordinator, Director of Research & Development at ICCS.

DigInTraCE aims to develop

  1. transparent and interoperable Decentralised Traceability platform using novel tracking, sensing and sorting techniques
  2. Dynamically updated DPP schemes supporting certification and quality validation
  3. AI based and decision making mechanisms for process and lifecycle optimisation
  4. up-cycling, reuse and upgrade technologies for improved secondary raw materials use v)contribute to standardization, open and easy accessible data vi)business models creating new economic opportunities and learning resources for employees, promoting new digital skills and meeting regional social needs.

The solutions will be demonstrated in the following sectors:


Pulp & Paper:

  • composite wood and furniture
  • wood and Pulp & Paper


  • plastic parts from ICT equipment and automotive market
  • polymers and textiles: in 4 countries, while composite wood case combines both 2 main sectors.

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This project is Funded by the European Union under Grant agreement ID: 101091801

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