Centexbel is proud to be the newest Vision2020 Member as of today! 

Vision2020 currently hosts sixteen active communities of researchers and companies that work together in "Helixes" focused on a Horizon 2020 topic area. Vision2020's Helixes are hosted on the purpose-built Crowdhelix collaboration platform.

What is Vision 2020: The Crowdhelix Network

The European Union's Horizon 2020 programme has an €80 billion budget to fund thousands of pioneering research & innovation projects worldwide.

€45 billion still remains to be awarded under Horizon 2020 before December 2020, after which the proposed €100 billion successor programme “Horizon Europe” will commence.

Vision2020: The Crowdhelix Network connects participants from leading research institutions & innovating companies around the world. Together our member organisations have secured over €2.5 billion of Horizon 2020 funding, to deliver > 4,200 projects.

The "3 Os"

Open Innovation

Open innovation has become an important force in facilitating cross-disciplinary, cross-sectorial, cross-institutional and cross-border collaboration. To continue to drive these types of collaborations, innovation networks need to be supported in order to create ecosystems that continue to develop and drive open innovation between researchers, innovators, industries, users/citizens and governments across Europe and globally.

Open to the World

In order to continue to enable and expand collaboration in excellent science, and tackle global societal challenges in the most effective and collaborative way, the best organisations and people need to be involved. Therefore, Europe needs access to the best talent, knowledge and resources wherever they are located, making it important that open to the world should be continued and expanded.

Open Science

Open access, through open access publications and data, has been enabling the sharing of knowledge across disciplines, industries and countries, which has been fuelling innovation and new collaboration across Europe and beyond. This should continue to be the focus in the in FP9 in order to build and leverage the momentum in this area.