Wednesday 22/2/17 Marie Christine Marghem, Belgian Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, officially launched the Belgian EPD database and Belgian EPD program B-EPD. From now on
  • Interested third party verifiers can enter a dossier to be on the list of registered verifiers (procedure is on the website)
  • Manufacturers and federations can start experimenting with the database structure (request account, enter an EPD, .. you only need to pay once you click on the “send for approval button”)
The registration of an EPD is mandatory in the case of products with an environmental claim on the product. On a voluntary basis, manufacturers can enter an EPD to use for assessments at building level. All documents can be found on the official website
  • General program instructions
  • Procedure for the registering of third party verifiers
  • Verification checklist
  • The Belgian horizontal PCR document (final draft)
  • A quick guide for the database (what kind of EPDs, costs, …)
  • Overview of information to be entered in the database