At the end of this week and the beginning of next week, a number of amendments will come into force under the REACH legislation and the POPs Regulation.

What will change and how can Centexbel help you?

1. POPs regulation

As of 04/07/20 there is a restriction on PFOA:

  • PFOA or salts thereof not exceeding 0,025 mg/kg (0,0000025 % by mass) when contained in substances, mixtures or articles.
  • PFOA related compounds or a combination of related compounds not exceeding 1 mg/kg (0,0001 %) by mass when contained in substances, mixtures or articles.

Tests by Centexbel

  • LCMS screening on the presence of PFOA
  • Quantitative determination by means of LCMS and GCMS

2. Reach Annex XVII entry 51.

As from 07/07/20 there is a restriction on the presence of 4 phthalates (DEHP, DBP, BBP and DIBP) in objects:

  • These 4 phthalates may no longer be placed on the market after 7 July 2020 in articles, separately or in combination, in a concentration equal to or greater than 0.1 % by weight (w/w) of the plasticised material in the article.

Tests by Centexbel

  • Dynamic headspace screening (DHS) in the presence of DEHP, DBP, BBP and DIBP
  • Quantitative determination by means of GCMS