The general objective of FuPLATex is to enable companies of the target group to develop market products made from renewable thermoplastics with a maximum added value. The main attention goes to highly sustainable products with additional functionalities.

The following characteristics are aimed at:

  • long service life: along term durability (>10 years) should be guaranteed, via the use of hydrolytic stabilisers
  • resistant to ageing in real conditions, via the use of UV stabilisers
  • sustained release of integrated antimicrobial activities, via the use of nanoparticles and metal oxides inhibiting a growth of colonies of bacteria and fungi
  • fire retardant textiles via the use of alternative halogen free FR systems
  • antistatic properties, via the addition of conductive particles (e.g. carbon black, carbon nanotubes, graphene…)

The final goal is to create performances comparable to the ones of synthetic polymers leading to a transition from oil-based to bio-based polymers.