Centexbel-VKC's priority is to support companies in finding very concrete technological solutions, to bring them into contact with new ideas and business models, to inform them about the use of product and test standards, about environmental legislation, about knowledge management related to the identification, acquirement, protection, defence and exploitation of immaterial assets and to encourage them to "think outside the box".

This can only be achieved by contacting as much companies as possible. Therefore, our collaborators are visiting some thousand companies each year while over 4000 visitors from more than 800 companies and organisations are visiting one of our three offices.

Small enterprises, in particular, are appealing to our expertise by ordering research and consulting tasks and by participating in our information sessions. Companies, in other words, that - in contrast to large enterprises - do not dispose of an R&D department and/or testing facilities, but that are yet driven to innovate and to profile themselves as a key player in a certain market.

Thanks to our many contacts with companies of all sizes, we are keeping track of what is going on in the business community to which we can offer a reasoned and efficient response, backed by our knowledge, research and testing facilities and by our extended cross-border and cross-sector knowledge network.