A biobased healable 2K polyurethane (PU) coating incorporating a Schiff base was synthesized and applied as a thin coating on textiles. The Schiff base, made out of cystine and vanillin, contained reversible imine and disulfide bonds and was used as a chain extender in PU synthesis. The FT-IR analysis indicated the successful incorporation of the Schiff base in the PU backbone. Compared with control PU coatings, the healable bio-based PU coating with the Schiff base showed very good healing properties using heat as external stimuli: a healing recovery of 75% was obtained after applying a 2 N scratch and complete recovery of the resistance to hydrostatic pressure. SEM analysis revealed complete closure of the scratch after  healing for 30 min at 90°C. The healing properties are attributed to the synergy of the dual-dynamic metatheses of the imine and disulfide bonds.

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