The R&D activities of Centexbel-VKC support the textile, plastic converting and related companies with the explicit aim to reinforce the innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and to assist the industry in its transition to a sustainable future. As a research institution created by and for the industry, we initiate and participate in publicly funded pre-competitive research projects and in market-oriented contract research projects.

To guarantee total impartiality and to avoid any conflict of interest, we explicitly exclude all product development in those areas covered by the CE certification scope for which we are accredited.

UP_PLASTICS is perfectly in line with the challenges identified in the European Commission's GREEN DEAL, particularly in terms of raw materials supply.

CUBIC is developing sustainable and circular bio-based materials, including polyamides, pre-pregs and carbon fibres for use in thermoplastic and thermoset plastic intermediate products such as filaments, sheets, unidirectional tapes, pellets and powders.

Development of a new, bio-based, smart and completely recyclable composite material, obtained by fast and low energy consumption out-of-autoclave process.

Building blocks of sustainable products with high-end properties.

DEBOND proposes to develop new materials and processes to improve the debonding performance of flexible packaging and textiles applications for an easier recycling.

Regions for Green Textiles – known as RegioGreenTex –is a quadruple-helix partnership initiative aiming at mapping and reducing the difficulties, which currently exist in the implementation of a circular economy model within the textile ecosystem across the EU.

As we all want to maintain our current standards of living, our society faces the limits of what our ecosystem (including climate issues) can manage in terms of petrochemical production of essential small molecular building blocks necessary for fine chemicals, medicines or high-performance materials.

SUSPENS will develop a holistic approach, from bio-sourced and recycled materials to faster and lesser energy demanding processes, to produce sustainable composite structural parts, ensuring their manufacturability from the design conceptualization.

Het partnerschap onderzoekt het transparant en duurzaam verwerken van de onderstromen van consumententextiel en voorziet zo de mogelijkheid voor opschaling.

Effective antimicrobial solutions for medical textiles based on eco-responsible materials;