Centexbel performs all burning behaviour and thermal tests in the framework of the CE marking of protective clothing and gloves according to the European PPE Regulation 2016/425.  

Resistance to molten metal splash

EN ISO 9185 Protective clothing - Assessment of resistance of materials to molten metal splash

Materials are tested by pouring quantities of molten metal onto the test specimen supported at an angle to the horizontal on a pin frame. Damage is assessed by placing an embossed thermoplastic PVC sensor film directly behind, and in contact with, the test specimen and noting changes to the film after pouring. Any adherence of the metal to the test specimen surface is also noted. Depending on the result, the test is repeated, using a greater or smaller mass of metal, until the minimum quantity to cause damage to the film is observed.

The assessment uses an iterative procedure, and therefore the exact number of test specimens needed cannot be stated. Seven test specimens are usually sufficient to give a result. If there is previous experience of the material or if a material is being assessed for compliance with a specification, fewer test specimens will be needed.

Firefighters suits, hoods & gloves

EN 469 - Protective clothing for firefighters - Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting 

This standard specifies the minimum levels of performance requirements for protective clothing to be worn during firefighting operations and associated activities and covers the general clothing design, the minimum performance levels of the materials and the test methods to determine these performance levels. It also covers the event of an accidental splash of chemical or flammable liquid but not the special clothing used in other high-risk situations e.g. reflective protective clothing.

EN 1486 - Protective clothing for fire-fighters - Test methods and requirements for reflective clothing for specialized fire-fighting 

This clothing provides protection against flame lick and intense radiant heat and is worn for short periods only, to enable the firefighter to enter specific high-risk firefighting and fire rescue situations which also require the use of breathing apparatus and head, hand and foot protection. This standard only covers protective clothing that relies upon the ability of the outer material to reflect intense radiant heat. This type of reflective clothing may also be used for industrial applications involving high levels of radiant heat.

EN 13911 - Protective clothing for firefighters - Requirements and test methods for fire hoods for firefighters

This standard only applies in situations when protective clothing (EN 469), breathing apparatus (EN 136 and EN 137), and helmet (EN 443) are also worn.
This standard specifies minimum safety requirements and test methods for a fire hood worn by a firefighter whilst wearing protective clothing (EN 469), breathing apparatus (EN 136 and EN 137), and helmet (EN 443).

EN 15614 - ISO 15384 - Protective clothing for firefighters - Laboratory test methods and performance requirements for wildland clothing

This clothing is not intended to provide protection during fire entrapment. This European Standard covers the general design of the clothing, the minimum level of performance for the materials employed and the methods of test to determine these levels. Not applicable to clothing for use in situations encountered in structural firefighting (EN 469 and ISO 11613) or where a high level of infrared radiation is expected (EN 1486), nor does it cover clothing to protect against chemical, biological, electrical or radiation hazards.

EN 659+A1 - Protective gloves for firefighters

This European Standard applies only to firefighters' protective gloves which protect the hands during normal firefighting, including search and rescue. These gloves are not intended for deliberate handling of liquid chemicals, but provide some protection against accidental contact with chemicals. 

As notified body # 0493 Centexbel is accredited to perform all tests covered by the above standards

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