This fire-test-response standard describes a test method for the determination of the flammability of finished textile floor covering materials when exposed to an ignition source under controlled laboratory conditions.

Carpets and rugs offered for sale in the United States are required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to comply with the test methods in 16 CFR 1630 or 16 CFR 1631, as appropriate. 

This test method is applicable to all types of textile floorcoverings, regardless of the method of fabrication or whether they are made from natural or man-made fibers. It is possible to apply this test method to unfinished material; however, the results of such a test shall not be considered a satisfactory evaluation of a textile floor covering material for ultimate consumer use.

Testing procedure

This test method involves the exposure of conditioned and oven-dried specimens to a standard source of ignition in a draft-protected environment and the measurement of the resulting char length.

Test results

pill test result

Pass/fail test

A single test specimen has passed the test if the charred portion of the tested specimen does not extend to within 25 +/- 0.5 mm of the edge of the hole in the steel frame at any point.

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