Rheotens - rheology

Rheology is the branch of science that deals with the flow of matter mainly liquids and in some cases solids and soft solids as well. This branch generally takes into account the conditions under which these elements of matter flow freely without any kind of hindrance or obstruction. Rheology is a widely accepted and recognized branch of study which is applicable to substances such as polymers, suspension liquids among others which have a complicated structure.

Within the plastic converting industry, it is commonly known that the melt strength is the dominant factor in plastic processing. Unfortunately it cannot be determined directly by shear measuring.

The Rheotens® technology has proven its efficiency to provide very reproducible and accurate measurements. It is also possible to determine slight differences in molecular structure which cannot be found by other methods.

Testing procedure

By means of a specially modified extruder head a molten plastic strand is placed between two sets of wheels, turning at different speed. The speed is gradually raised until the strand breaks. The force is plotted on a graph in function of the speed.

The Rheotens® can be coupled to the capillary reometer.

Testing applications

  • Determination of the melt strength, more specifically for extrusion applications;
  • Determination of batch-to-batch variations


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