The stereo or stereoscopic or dissecting microscope is an optical microscope designed for low magnification observation of a sample.


X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the emission of characteristic "secondary" (or fluorescent) X-rays from a material that has been excited by bombarding with high-energy X-rays or gamma rays.

Accelerated aging tests

The aging of textiles, composites and plastics under the influence of light, temperature and humidity, causes changes in their appearance (decolouration, yellowing, loss of glossiness) and in their physical and chemical properties, often to the point of material failure. Outdoor textiles, fibre-reinforced composites for wind turbines, cars, trains or airplanes parts and many consumer products demand high long life stability.


The sIRoPAD scans the samples distributed on the reflection plate in a continuous pass, measures and saves the results both as a complete file with all information or as Excel files via USB or WLAN on the PC.

Universal tester

The universal tester is used to determine the tensile stress diagram, the bending modulus and compression force of plastic samples


TGA is an analytical method that measures the changes in weight of a test sample during a heating process.


The Melt Flow Rate measures the ease of flow of melted plastic and represents a typical index for Quality Control of thermoplastics.

ISO certified mould

Requirements relating to multipurpose test specimens for plastic moulding materials intended for processing by injection or direct compression moulding.

Impact test on plastic films

Determination of the energy that causes plastic film to fail under specified conditions of impact of a free-falling dart. This energy is expressed in terms of the weight (mass) of the missile falling from a specified height which would result in 50 % failure of specimens tested.

Heat Deflection temperature

The heat deflection temperature or heat distortion temperature is the temperature at which a polymer or plastic sample deforms under a specified load.