This test is conducted to prevent the choking hazard associated with unintentional inhalation of toys when a child puts them in the mouth. It is essential that these toys, as well as removable components and components that may become detached during the test, are not so small that they can be inadvertently swallowed or inhaled.

torque test

This test is intended to ensure that a child cannot access small parts in the event a seam breaks open.

  • Detachable or removable mouthpieces of toys intended to be inserted into the mouth shall first be subjected to a soaking test before being tested to the torque and pull test.
  • Soft filled toys and toys with coverings from which pieces can be bitten or torn off must meet these requirements.
  • With special pliers, the toy is twisted and pulled in all possible directions. 
  • This allows us to see if the pieces are properly (firmly) attached or not.

If any pieces have come loose they should also be tested in the small parts cylinder.

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