Test method to determine the total mass per unit area, total pile mass per unit area, and mass of pile per unit area above the substrate, and for the calculation of measured surface pile density and measured pile fibre volume ratio, of textile floor coverings. The mass of a measured area of textile floor coverings is determined in its entirety.

  • constant mass: mass attained when successive weighings at hourly intervals over a period of 3 h do not vary by more than 1 %.
  • total pile mass per unit area: mass of the pile yarn in a unit area, including that forming the base of the tufts or held in the substrate but excluding any backing compound adhering to the pile yarn, determined in equilibrium with the standard atmosphere for conditioning and testing
  • measured surface pile density: ratio of mass to volume of the pile above the substrate measured under a pressure of 2,0 kPa.
  • measured pile flbre volume ratio: The proportion of the volume of the pile actually occupied by fibre.

Testing procedure

  • The mass, m, is determined in grams, of each specimen to the nearest 0,01 g.
  • The length and width of each specimen is measured on the back, to the nearest millimetre, each in four places.


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