In times of rapidly increasing energy prices and growing eco-consciousness, textile finishing looks for modern, eco-friendly, energy and cost effective application and curing systems. To date, the textile industry still uses energy-consuming techniques for water and solvent removal and as well as for curing after (wet) chemical treatments.

LED-UV-curingsystems for textiles and composites

LED-Cure Objectives:

  • development of UV-curable formulations for technical textile fonctionalisation and composite prepregs.
  • the focus is on the use of UV-LED lamps as an energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative for mercury containing lamps
  • an iron-doped UV-Hg lamp will be used as a reference


  • functional textiles based on polyester, polyamide, flame-resistant viscose, modacryl or blends with added functionalities such as flame resitance, hydrophobicity, oil resistance, breathing, resistance to rubbing and colour fastness
  • flat composites through UV-curing prepregs as an alternative to the conventional thermal curing procedure
The project will focus on solvent free binding agents and short curing times
Project funding:
Vlaams Agentschap voor innoveren en ondernemen