Innovations in flame-retardant textiles and plastics are mainly driven by the demand for highly performant products that have to comply with strict requirements in the field of fire safety, as well as with growing environmental and sustainability requirements. 

Given the importance of this theme, Centexbel organizes, in collaboration with Fedustria, a conference on flame retardancy and flame-retardant additives for textiles, plastics, foam rubber and composite materials


09:00 Welcoming and introduction on "Evolution, developments, tendencies in FR"

Isabel De Schrijver, Centexbel

09:30 : Lectures

Polymeric and Durable Flame Retardant Systems for Textiles

Lein Tange, ICL-IP

Safe & sustainable use of ATO in plastics and coated textiles

Hans Vercammen, Campine

Key role of chemistry for developing flame retardant polymeric materials

Fouad Laoutid, MateriaNova

Scientific posters presentation

11:00 : Coffee break 

11:30 : Lectures

Our Developments in Halogen Free Flame Retardants for Textile Finishing

Wael Ali, Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West

Performance of bio-based FR for textiles

David De Smet, Centexbel

12:30 : Lunch

14:00 : Lectures

FARBioTY: flame and ageing resistant biocomposites

Marc Vanhoomissen, Veramtex

Treated hemp fibers fire behaviour

Lily Deborde, Univ. Rennes

Flameproof finishing of protective garments by laundry technology

Lenka Martinková, InoTEX

15:30 : Coffee break 

16:00 : Lectures

Intrinsic flame-retardant fibres and polymers

Wouter Verbouwe, Basaltex

Development mineral fibre and derivate products allowing to handle and protect structures at extremely high temperature

Bernard Voss, Isomatex

Valbree: Recovery of Waste Plastics in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Containing Brominated Flame Retardants

Stijn Steuperaert, Centexbel

17:30 : Closing and drink

18:00 : Conference dinner

Conference dinner

Van der V resto

Your travel companion is welcome to join the conference dinner. Please indicate his/her participation on the registration form.


Van der Valk Hotel - Akkerhage 10 9000 Gent


5 October 2022 - 18h.00


60,00 euro per person


Isabel De Schrijver, Centexbel

R&D manager Plastic characterisation, processing & recycling

Lein Tange, ICL-IP

Sustainability Director

Hans Vercammen, Campine

Business Unit Manager

Fouad Laoutid, MateriaNova

Scientific Leader of the polymeric & composite materials unit

Wael Ali, Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West

Research associate

David De Smet, Centexbel

Researcher "Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification"

Marc Vanhoomissen, Veramtex

Managing Director

Lily Deborde, Université de Rennes

Lenka Martinková, InoTEX

TAA, new technologies

Wouter Verbouwe, Basaltex

Technical Manager

Bernard Voss, Isomatex

Business Development Manager

Stijn Steupereart, Centexbel

Consultant environment and toxicology

Scientific posters

If you would like to present a scientific poster at the 2022 FR Conference, fill in this form and send it back to Ann De Grijse

List of submitted scientific posters

The list below will be completed with new entries until August 31st

Physical mechanism of environmentally friendly flame retardants on recycled ABS

Rodriguez, M. Herrero, M. Asensio, M. Santiago-Calvo, J. Guerrero, E. Cañibano, M.T. Fernández and K. Nuñez
Fundación Cidaut

Flame Retardant Polyamide 6 Core-Sheat Fibers for Textiles & Carpets

Dr. Mark Steinmann, Angela Funk, Dr. Simon König, Dr. Martin Dauner, Joseph Faymonville, Karolina Jagla
Deutsche Institute Für Textil- und Faserforschung

Organoboron-Based Smoke Suppressant Flame Retardants for Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites

Dominic Danielsiek, Wael Ali, Yannik Leven, Laura Chromik, Jörg Müssig, Nina Graupner, Jochen S. Gutmann and Thomas Mayer-Gall


Conference fees

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Van der Valk Hotel Gent
Akkerhage 10
9000 Gent



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FR testing & research at Centexbel


Centexbel's fire laboratory is completely equipped to analyse the burning behaviour of textiles and plastics, and to issue the necessary certificates. In conformity with the applying national and international standards and with the European regulations, Centexbel carries out tests which results are valid in all EU member countries, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Research in alternative FR-additives and systems

Although the necessity to develop fire-safe products is compelling, the possibilities to apply commonly used fire retardant agents are restricted for ecological reasons. In our research projects we try to reconcile "legislation, ecology and economy".

The FR4TEX project run from 2011 to 2016 and aimed at:

  • mapping the most important industrial fire retardants and their applicability in the textile sector
  • upgrading fire-retardant textiles through the evaluation of alternative systems and an optimal harmonisation with the textile sector (coating and extrusion)
  • raising awareness on the issue, new legislations and labelling (REACH, OEKO-TEX®, EcoFlower)

The BioFRLeTex project (2019-2021) was set up to develop non-toxic, durable and biobased FR coatings and finishes. It is known that phosphorylated bio-based polymers (e.g. modified lignin) have a FR effect through barrier layer formation. It is also known that the combination of phosphorus and nitrogen-containing compounds often acts synergistically and is therefore already used in conventional FR systems. This principle should now be transferred to proteins.

LIFE-FLAREX (2017-2020) aimed to reduce the impact on the environment, human health and workers safety, of current flame retardants used in the textile sector, and their future alternatives, by identifying the best technologies available, both from the performance and from the sustainability point of view.

Valorisation of plastic waste electric and electronic equipment containing brominated flame-retardants.