Innovations in flame-retardant textiles and plastics are mainly driven by the demand for highly performant products that have to comply with strict requirements in the field of fire safety, as well as with growing environmental and sustainability requirements. 

Given the importance of this theme, Centexbel organizes, in collaboration with Fedustria, a conference on flame retardancy and flame-retardant additives for textiles, plastics, foam rubber and composite materials


09:00 Opening speech

Introduction to "Evolutions, developments, tendencies in FR"

Isabel De Schrijver, Centexbel
Conference Chair

09:30 : Lectures

Polymeric and Durable Flame Retardant Systems for Textiles

Lein Tange, ICL-IP

Safe & sustainable use of ATO in plastics and coated textiles

Hans Vercammen, Campine

Key role of chemistry for developing flame retardant polymeric materials

Fouad Laoutid, MateriaNova

Scientific posters presentation

11:00 : Coffee break 

11:30 : Lectures

Our Developments in Halogen Free Flame Retardants for Textile Finishing

Wael Ali, Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West

Performance of bio-based FR for textiles

David De Smet, Centexbel

12:30 : Lunch

14:00 : Lectures

FARBioTY: flame and ageing resistant biocomposites

Marc Vanhoomissen, Veramtex

Treated hemp fibers fire behaviour

Lily Deborde, Univ. Rennes

Flameproof finishing of protective garments by laundry technology

Lenka Martinková, InoTEX

15:30 : Coffee break 

16:00 : Lectures

Intrinsic flame-retardant fibres: Basalt fibres fire-barrier solutions

Wouter Verbouwe, Basaltex

Development mineral fibre and derivate products allowing to handle and protect structures at extremely high temperature

Bernard Voss, Isomatex

Valbree: Recovery of Waste Plastics in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Containing Brominated Flame Retardants

Stijn Steuperaert, Centexbel

17:30 : Closing and drink

18:00 : Conference dinner

Conference dinner

Van der V resto

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Van der Valk Hotel - Akkerhage 10 9000 Gent


5 October 2022 - 18h.00


60,00 euro per person (VAT not included)

Conference speakers

Isabel De Schrijver, Centexbel

R&D manager Plastic characterisation, processing & recycling

Isabel De Schrijver holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry (Ghent University) - Development and validation of methods of analysis for the determination of additives in plastics. She started at Centexbel in 2008 as a research scientist, specialised in extrusion applications, in the functional thermoplastic textiles group, working on subjects like nanotechnology, and fire retardancy. 
Since April 1st, 2014, Isabel is the R&D Manager PCPR (Plastic Characterisation, Processing & Recycling). Centexbel offers a dynamic competence centre and test laboratory to the plastics processing industry, as well as services in the fields of material characterisations, failure analyses, product development, process optimisation and new applications of plastics, virgin and recycled polymers, fibre reinforced composites, rubber, coating, smart materials and biopolymers.

Lein Tange, ICL-IP

Sustainability Director

Lein Tange studied different disciplines: Chemical engineering, process and construction engineering, he finalized in 1992 a post graduate qualification in polymer technology.
He started his career in 1978 at Dow Chemical and moved in 1993 to ICL-IP Europe as process/project engineer for flame retardants. 
Since 1998 he is within ICL-IP responsible for recycle and sustainability programmes for plastics containing flame retardants 
Since 2015 the co-founder and start up lead of the PSLoop recycle demoplant for insulation foams containing BFRs.

Hans Vercammen, Campine

Business Unit Manager

Hans Vercammen has joined Campine in 2016 as Division Director Specialty Chemicals. Campine is a leading European specialist in fire retardancy, concentrates, masterbatches, PET catalysts, rPP and lead. In May 2018, he was elected chairman of the i2a (International Antimony Association).
He has a broad area of expertise in general and operations management, business & strategy development and sales in a technological environment related to non-ferrous industry (Umicore, Campine), semiconductors (Alcatel Microelectronics) and innovation (Sirris). He obtained a PhD in material science and an MBA from Antwerp Management School.

Fouad Laoutid, MateriaNova

Scientific Leader of the polymeric & composite materials unit

Dr Laoutid is currently Scientific Leader of the polymeric & composite Materials unit of Materia Nova and Vice-President of the thematic group “Degradation and fire behavior of organic materials” of the French Chemical Society. His research interests concern the development of sustainable (bio)polymeric materials, such as non-halogenated flame-retardants, biobased materials and recycling by conventional and reactive melt processing. He is authors of more than 70 publications, inventor of 7 patents.

Wael Ali, Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West

Research associate

Wael Ali is a research associate in the group of Dr. Thomas Mayer-Gall (Green Chemistry and Nanotechnology) at the German Textile Research Center North-West (DTNW) located in Krefeld, Germany. He holds a PhD in polymer science from the department of physical chemistry at Duisburg-Essen University. One aspect of his research focuses on the design and development of new halogen-free flame retardants, not only for textile finishing but also for other applications including polymer, composites and 3D printing materials. He also seeks to understand the flame retardancy mechanisms in order to work out promising or tailored flame retardancy approaches.

David De Smet, Centexbel

Researcher "Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification"

David De Smet holds a Master degree in Chemistry and PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences. Since 2011 he is working at Centexbel focusing on eco-friendly and bio-based textile finishing and coating, including synthesis, formulation and the application of bio-based binders and functional additives.

Marc Vanhoomissen, Veramtex

Managing Director

Marc Vanhoomissen holds a master in physics and is also commercial engineer. He is active since 2000 at Veramtex SA, specialized in textile treatment including ammonia.  Currently, he is the general manager of the company where he follows up the R&D projects, including those in collaboration with Centexbel (Suscomtrab, rescotex, Hemp4all, etc.).  The projects are mainly focused on the use of liquid ammonia treatment on newer fibre like hemp and on the use of flax as reinforcement for flame-resistant biocomposite materials.

Lily Deborde, Université de Rennes

Research engineer at the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of the University of Rennes, France. Works in the INNOFIB project, funded by ADEME, with Cavac as lead partner.

Lenka Martinková, InoTEX

TAA, new technologies

Lenka Martinková – engineer of organic chemistry, specialized in textile finishing and functionalization R&D. Head researcher in SME textile finishing company INOTEX Czech Republic, with long-term skills in textile processing innovative technologies development, optimization, upscaling and technology transfer into the industrial sphere.

Wouter Verbouwe, Basaltex

Technical Manager

Wouter Verbouwe has built up over 25 years’ experience in a diverse portfolio of industries including plastics, textiles, composites and chemistry. He combined functions in research, product development, business and innovation development, and became Technical Manager at Basaltex in 2015. As a specialist in mineral basalt fibers, he develops and supports customers towards new applications in various fields.
Wouter holds a Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Leuven and is author of several scientific articles and patents.

Bernard Voss, Isomatex

Business Development Manager

Bernard Voss has joined Isomatex in 2015 as Business Development & Sales Manager. Isomatex is Belgian Company manufacturing unique mineral fiber reinforcement for very high-performance applications, thanks to a genuine and innovative treatment of the raw material, volcanic rock, which is enriched with various mineral additives to increase and guarantee its original mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.
Bernard Voss holds a Master degree as civil Engineer at the University of Liège (ULG) and has been working since several years as international Business Development Manager in numerical simulation, with long-term skills in composite simulation, development and optimization.

Stijn Steupereart, Centexbel

Consultant environment and toxicology

Stijn Steuperaert is Consultant Environment & Toxicology at Centexbel. He finished his master in Sciences, Chemistry at Ghent University in 2010 after which he started a PhD in Polymer Chemistry.
Stijn is an FPC auditor in the framework of the Marine Equipment Directive and the Construction Products Regulation. Besides being Centexbel's expert in the field of REACH, he is also the person to contact in the case of toxicological issues. He is a member of the environmental group in Centexbel. The lecture addresses some results obtained in the framework of an Interreg project France Flanders Wallonia: Valbree.

Scientific posters

List of submitted scientific posters

Flame Retardant Polyamide 6 Core-Sheat Fibers for Textiles & Carpets

Dr. Mark Steinmann, Angela Funk, Dr. Simon König, Dr. Martin Dauner, Joseph Faymonville, Karolina Jagla
Deutsche Institute Für Textil- und Faserforschung

Organoboron-Based Smoke Suppressant Flame Retardants for Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites

Dominic Danielsiek, Wael Ali, Yannik Leven, Laura Chromik, Jörg Müssig, Nina Graupner, Jochen S. Gutmann and Thomas Mayer-Gall, DTNW

Flame Retardant Polyamide 6 Core-Sheat Fibers for Textiles & Carpets

Dr. Mark Steinmann, Angela Funk, Dr. Simon König, Dr. Martin Dauner, Joseph Faymonville, Karolina Jagla; DITF

Sustainable flame retardant composites

Frederik Goethals, Centexbel

Our Developments in Halogen Free Flame Retardants for Textile Finishing

Thomas Mayer-Gall, Valbone Shabani, Dominic Danielsiek, Wael Ali, Leonie Kampas, Ruth Wallmeier, Yannik Leven, Torsten Textor and Jochen S. Gutmann, DTNW

Bio-based flame retardant coatings based on lignin-polyphosphazene colloids

Laura Hetjens, DWI-LEIBNIZ Institute of Interactive Materials


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Van der Valk Hotel Gent
Akkerhage 10
9000 Gent


This conference is also made possible thanks to the following sponsors:


FRX Innovations is a global manufacturing company, producing a family of environmentally sustainable flame-retardant products that serve several large markets spanning electronics, automotive, electric vehicles (EV) and medical devices. FRX is led by a team of highly experienced business and technical professionals and is positioned to be a leader in the rapidly growing flame retardant plastics and additives market.

Nofia®is a registered trademark of FRX. Nofia® products are manufactured at its manufacturing facility on the Port of Antwerp in Belgium, one of the world's largest chemical producing clusters. Nofia Polyphosphonates are produced using sustainable green chemistry principles such as a solvent-free production process, no waste by-products, and near 100% atom efficiency. FRX's portfolio includes an extensive patent estate. FRX has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the EPA's Environmental Merit Award, the Belgium Business Award for the Environment, and the Flanders Investment of the Year Award. FRX has also been recognized six times on the Global Cleantech 100 list.

CTF Flamaway

Flamaway is a group of 4 companies. Headquarters CTF2000 N.V. in Belgium, Texchem in the UK, Flamaway GmbH in Germany and Flamaway China. 
Flamaway Group is a specialist supplier of flame retardant, oil and water repellent chemicals and other textile specialities for various industries and applications.

We are pioneers in the development of innovative solutions that reach the highest possible compromise combining high performance, safety while using and low impact to the environment. 

Driven by sustainable excellence in manufacturing, technologies and innovation and together with other divisions in the UK, Germany and China plus a worldwide network of selected partners, Flamaway Group serves the global textile market. Furthermore, we have a strong network of dealers and agents making it possible to guarantee good service all over the globe.

Our newest developed products are always considered to be green and future proof. Most of all products are compliant to the highest standards including Oekotex, ZDHC, and end users RSL requirements.


NETZSCH TAURUS Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of physical analysis and measuring systems for industrial and research applications worldwide.

We develop, manufacture and market state-of-the-art thermal conductivity measuring devices, hotbox test chambers as well as fire testing systems for material testing and quality control.


Multinational manufacturer and distributor of biocides, flame retardants, personal care ingredients, and other specialty chemicals.



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FR testing & research at Centexbel


Centexbel's fire laboratory is completely equipped to analyse the burning behaviour of textiles and plastics, and to issue the necessary certificates. In conformity with the applying national and international standards and with the European regulations, Centexbel carries out tests which results are valid in all EU member countries, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Research in alternative FR-additives and systems

Although the necessity to develop fire-safe products is compelling, the possibilities to apply commonly used fire retardant agents are restricted for ecological reasons. In our research projects we try to reconcile "legislation, ecology and economy".

The FR4TEX project run from 2011 to 2016 and aimed at:

  • mapping the most important industrial fire retardants and their applicability in the textile sector
  • upgrading fire-retardant textiles through the evaluation of alternative systems and an optimal harmonisation with the textile sector (coating and extrusion)
  • raising awareness on the issue, new legislations and labelling (REACH, OEKO-TEX®, EcoFlower)

The BioFRLeTex project (2019-2021) was set up to develop non-toxic, durable and biobased FR coatings and finishes. It is known that phosphorylated bio-based polymers (e.g. modified lignin) have a FR effect through barrier layer formation. It is also known that the combination of phosphorus and nitrogen-containing compounds often acts synergistically and is therefore already used in conventional FR systems. This principle should now be transferred to proteins.

LIFE-FLAREX (2017-2020) aimed to reduce the impact on the environment, human health and workers safety, of current flame retardants used in the textile sector, and their future alternatives, by identifying the best technologies available, both from the performance and from the sustainability point of view.

Valorisation of plastic waste electric and electronic equipment containing brominated flame-retardants.