On November 25, we organize a day on how to locally contribute to textile and clothing reuse.

In the morning there will be keynote presentations, in the afternoon a panel discussion with Walloon actors already locally reusing/repurposing textiles and clothing. 

This event is part of the TCBL Days 2021 which focus on ingredients for textile sustainability: circular, creative, local and inclusive. On November 25 we deal with the ‘local’ aspect and illustrate it via Circular Wallonia.


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Local ecosystems for the circular transformation. Sessions in French with simultaneous translation into English.

By Jesse Marsh, Guy Buyle
Experts and members of the regional government of Wallonia present the 'Circular Wallonia' initiative, supported by Circuit, a sustainable shopping mall; Wallonie Design, a leading design institute; and Retex, specialised in fibre-to-fibre recycling.

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Recycling and reuse

By Frédérique Thureau, Guy Buyle
Hosted by the TCBL Lab Centexbel offices in Wallonia, four pitches from firms with differently sustainable business models, followed by a panel discussion with Wallonie Design and Ressources, a collector of second hand clothing. This is a case study of local production scenarios explored in the H2020 Herewear project, empowering local, circular and bio-based textiles.