A face mask is the most visible symbol of the corona crisis around the world and a crucial tool in the fight against Covid-19. In this Horizon session we will explain their requirements, how to distinguish the different types of face masks as well as the methods to decontaminate them. We will also share some key issues about the medical device legislation and address types of protective clothing to be used against Covid-19.


Welcome & Introduction by the chairperson

Mark Croes, Centexbel

Face masks – innovations

Madeleine Wéry will discuss the latest trends and innovations in the domain of face masks, as seen in the published patent applications of the last year.
Madeleine Wéry, Centexbel

The reason why so many surgical face mask shipments have been blocked by EU customs

This presentation addresses the main reasons for customs services or health inspection services to refuse clearance to surgical face masks. Most of these problems could have been avoided by the correct application of the existing legal requirements for bringing medical devices to the European market. The basic requirements put forward by the medical device legislation will be illustrated by concrete cases.
Mark Croes, Centexbel

The What, How, and Why of Respiratory Protection for Healthcare

This presentation will be about principles of filtration. Why does a surgical mask work from the inside out, but not from the outside in? What are the differences between a surgical mask and a respiratory protective device? How can we recognize these differences as healthcare providers?
Geert Driessen, 3M

Community face coverings: Guidance through the requirements of the NBN/DTD S65-001:2020 and CWA17553:2020

A National document NBN DTD S65-001 was developed in April 2020 covering the performance of community face coverings, which is the generic name for face masks for civilians, soon followed by a European document: CWA 17553:2020. Both documents include information on how to manufacture the masks and which requirements they must meet to provide adequate filtration and comfort (breathability).
Lies Alboort, Centexbel

What kind of PPE can and should we use during a pandemic?

What are the differences between a medical device and a PPE? What kind of personal protective equipment can and should be used during a pandemic? Why should we use PPE and how should we use them?
In this lecture, Inge gives an overview of the applicable product standards and describes several PPE in detail. What tests are performed on the specific products and what are their most important features.
Inge De Witte, Centexbel

Can surgical masks and FFP masks be reused?

The early months of the Covid-19health crisis have been characterized by an enormous shortage of protective equipment such as surgical or FFP masks. The worldwide huge demand was even more urgent because this type of protection can only be worn once. In the Dema project, we studied the possibility of reusing this type of equipment after several sterilization cycles. To do so, we analyzed the efficiency of different sterilization processes and their effects on the filtration efficiency and breathability of both surgical and FFP masks.
Olivier Jolois, Centexbel

Closing by the chairperson

Mark Croes, Centexbel

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