The annual Horizon Exploration “Medical Textiles” starts with an overview of the biggest novelties and trends of the past year, followed by the state-of-affairs of the many developments in standards for medical textiles, including masks, gowns and drapes.

We are proud to introduce our guest speakers who will address fascinating topics that are prevalent within the world of medical textiles: Ying Ling LIN, technical officer of the World Health Organisation and Ben Golsteyn, manufacturer of melt blown filtration materials for protective masks.


Novelties of the last year in medical textiles

Sander presents last year’s novelties in the field of medical textiles, inspired by patents (applications) published in 2021.
Sander De Vrieze, Centexbel

Developments in standardization of medical masks and clothing

The pandemic has set a lot in motion to update standards for medical masks and clothing. Mark gives an overview.
Mark Croes, Centexbel

Bio-compatibility: what's new ?

Biocompatibility is an essential thing for medical devices. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to make good choices about which tests to perform.
This presentation will quickly introduce the different testing possibilities, as well as the changes made in the new versions of the standard.
Olivier Jolois, Centexbel

Using proper protection

WHO has several initiatives to integrate sustainability into our procurement and guidance. Namely, there will be a new publication on waste management. Ying Ling LIN will look into the EU Reservist initiative and the development of reusable PPE and biodegradable products like body bags and even going back to single use but biodegradable PPE. She would highlight the synergies between these sustainability initiatives and WHO goals for emergency response and particularly, viability in low resources settings.
Ying Ling LIN, WHO

The development of a small scale meltblown line

Talenco designs, builds and maintains industrial installations. Furthermore, we aid in industrial solutions in machine building, reliability calculations and maintenance on specific assets such as transformers.
Due to the export ban during the pandemic in 2020, there was insufficient or no supply of (protective) face masks. 
Talenco saw an opportunity here to develop a small scale meltblown line to enable local and independent production of quality meltblown fibres. 
This presentation will give an overview of Talenco, the meltblown process, and the journey of developing our own meltblown line until present day.
Ben Golsteyn, Talenco

M.O.T.I.O.N – Smart garment to aid revalidation therapy

M.O.T.I.O.N aims to develop an exoskeleton and smart garment to aid the revalidation therapy of children with cerebral palsy. Centexbel will show the development of smart garment to support children with cerebral palsy during revalidation therapy.
Stijn Van Vrekhem, Centexbel

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