Medical & Sustainable Materials

By creating a versatile hybrid plug & play wearable sensor technology platform, expertise in functional skin adhesives and smart textiles will be combined with the aim of making wearable technology more accessible to SMEs.

Effective antimicrobial solutions for medical textiles based on eco-responsible materials;

Ontex developed sets of disposable channelled absorbent articles of a different type providing the user with different types of products adapted to different kinds of activities.

RELIANCE aims to design and develop smart response self-disinfectant antimicrobial nano-coatings based on a new range of smart antimicrobial nanoparticles.

Ontex developed and patented an improved absorbent core for hygiene articles, such as diapers. The absorbent core comprises a foam layer incorporating a nonwoven containing superabsorbent polymers.

Device and method to improve the cleaning quality of face masks.

BeMicron's patent lowers logistics costs for cleanroom garments

WEBINAR - Hoe kunnen we de functionaliteit meten van medische coatings in de toepassing?

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) are products that the user can wear or hold, in order to be protected against hazards either at home, at work or whilst engaging in leisure activities. Statistics on fatal and major work accidents underline the importance of protection and prevention