In 2020 Europe presented its ambitious Green Deal, which explicitly mentions textile, plastics and packaging. The Green deal is expected to result in several European and national legislative proposals, several of which are already under discussion, such as an extended product responsibility, eco-labelling, a tax-shift, provisions for recycled content in products and 100% sustainable purchases. 
To support the new and anticipated legislation several initiatives for standards development have been started or are being initiated. These standards will have an implication for the textile, plastics- and packaging industry.

Given the background presented above, Centexbel launches a call for the mirror committee “Circular economy and sustainability for textile and plastics” in the framework of the ECY-TWIN Interreg-project. This MC has the goal to (1) inform our partners from industry and (2) give them the opportunity to provide their feedback on the above-mentioned activities within these CEN and ISO working groups without the need to register to all of them. 

Registration and further information

For further information and to register for the info-meeting please send an e-mail to Edwin Maes ( and Karin Eufinger ( Upon registration you will receive an invitation for the virtual platform (MS TEAMS) so that you can follow the meeting covid-19-proof. If you are not able to participate but would like to become a member of the mirror committee, please also let us know. 

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