Edwin Maes

Consultant clothing textiles

Growing up surrounded by fashion, clothing design and fabrics, my carreer choice was just an extension of my childhood world.

I provide advice on textiles and clothing in the areas of sustainability, quality, circularity, materials, labels and certificates, legislation, product development. As a result, I follow legislation and standards on textile and clothing. The standardization working groups include composition, quality, sustainability (including microplastics) and circularity.

As a Belgian delegate in the GROW Expert Group on Textile names and labelling, I follow up and defend the Belgian point of view on “Regulation (EU) No 1007/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 September 2011 on textile fibre names and related labelling and marking of the fibre composition of textile products” and function as an expert in the following standardisation committees:

  • CEN/TC 248 “Textiles and textile products” 
    • WG 10 “Size system of clothing”
    • WG 20 “Safety of children's clothing”
    • WG 28 "Thermoregulatory properties of textiles and textile products"
    • WG 30 “Composition - Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fibres and fibre mixtures”
    • WG 31 “Smart Textiles”
    • WG 34 “Risks in the sleeping environment”
    • Convenor of WG 39 “Circular Economy for textile products and the textile chain” 
  • ISO/TC 038 “Textiles”
    • WG 22 “Composition and chemical testing”
    • SC 2/WG 12 “Care labelling”
    • WG 35 “Environmental aspects”
  • NEN 3300610003 "Circular textile"
  • NBN I323 "Circular economy"
  • ISO/TC 133 "Clothing sizing systems - size designation, size measurement methods and digital fittings"
    • ISO/TC 133/WG 1 "Body measurement"
    • ISO/TC 133/WG 2 "Digital Fitting"
    • ISO/TC 133/WG 3 "Measurement indicators"

As expert in these commissions, I work actively in developing standards and watch over the quality of the standards. Through the Centexbel standard cells, I transfer the obtained knowledge to the Belgian and European Textile industry while transferring their input in return to the relevant standardisation workgroups.  

Not only do I have a bachelor's degree in textiles and more then 11 years of sales experience in the textile and fashion industry, but I also obtained an executive master's degree in business administration.