As is our annual custom, we will bring you up to date on the latest developments, devices and technologies for textile coating, finishing and dyeing. Once again, you are sure to be surprised by the hands-on and tangible demonstrations provided by our staff.

To keep it safe for everyone, this year's edition of the INFOHappening will also take place in the form of a webinar!

infohappening 2021


Smart textiles

  • Luminoptex: lighting the way to a brighter future
  • Encapsulation: the road to durable smart textiles


  • Surface modification using plasma technology 
  • Opportunities for melt processing in textile coating 


  • Guest speaker Hans Vercammen - CAMPINE : "Recycling ATO from industrial waste and beyond"
  • DECOAT: Novel recycling strategies for coated textile and plastics 
  • Recovering titanium dioxide by means of dissolution


  • Recycling of composites 
  • Biobased fibre reinforced materials

New equipment

  • Measuring UV-protection factors (UPF) in films and textiles. A case study of natural UV-protective additives
  • Digital printing on textiles

Biobased coatings & inks 

  • Biobased printing inks for textiles
  • Nature in coatings


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