Textile functionalisation & surface modification

R&D manager Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification

Holistic approach to establish a market in the EU for locally produced textiles made from locally sourced bio-based waste.

Following the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, preparations are being made to cope better with the next COVID period. Lessons learned are drawn up so that actions can be taken to solve the identified bottlenecks in the best possible way.

The Flanders ICON PlasmaSol project will develop more innovative and sustainable adhesion and functionalization technologies for various materials through atmospheric plasma.

The Interreg NWE project CurCol aims to demonstrate economic potential for the production chains from regionally produced plants to colorants in packaging.

CONTEXT brings together European researchers, manufacturers and main relevant stakeholders in order to develop joint ideas and initiatives which can be turned into advanced smart textile products.

WEBINAR - Duratex is an Interreg V France-Wallonia-Flanders project looking for repellents and biobased biocides. The event addresses the legislation on biocides and the development of biobased antibacterial for textiles. All presentations are in English.

This project will focus on biobased plasticizers, antioxidants, UV stabilizers and flame retardants.

Through this project we want to transfer the expertise of Centexbel-VKC in the field of melt processing to the textile coating sector.

The BioCoat project aims to accelerate the transition to bio-based coatings by providing coating companies with knowledge about the formulation, application, performance and applications of bio-based coatings.