Textile functionalisation & surface modification

R&D manager Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification

By creating a versatile hybrid plug & play wearable sensor technology platform, expertise in functional skin adhesives and smart textiles will be combined with the aim of making wearable technology more accessible to SMEs.

We are pleased to present to you the results and findings of our research.

Development of novel bio-based anti-fouling coating agents that can be used commercially in both marine and terrestrial applications.

The use of bio-based materials is considered an essential contribution to sustainable design of novel composites and coatings, but critical assessment of sustainable metrics is needed for independent and quantitative evaluation of the environmental impact. The role of biopolymers in a circular

SUINK will do away with large amounts of copper cables in millions of cars by replacing them with bio-based piezoelectric modules. It is a great example of how a novel technology can reduce the use of raw materials while increasing the bio-based and/or recycled content in the automotive sector.

Centexbel is proud to announce to have won the Techtextil Innovation award 2022 in the category “new approaches to sustainability & circular economy” with a breakthrough innovation in biobased coatings and inks.

Degradable coatings increase the biodegradability of coated materials and simplify waste treatment and recycling without impurities from coating polymers.

Client Service Coating and Finishing Platform

Creation of a platform of competences for the transition of Walloon companies towards eco-friendly colorants for textile applications