Because toys are essential in the development of children, it is all the more important that they are safe. This brochure informs you about Centexbel's testing and services in the field of toy safety.

Toy Safety in the EU

Toys contribute to child development and play is an essential part of growing up. However, toys have to be safe for children to play with. Ensuring that toys marketed in the EU do not put children at risk is a priority. EU legislation aims to ensure that toys meet safety requirements that are amongst the strictest in the world, especially in relation to the use of chemicals in toys.

The importance of toys

Do you remember your favorite toy growing up? It didn´t matter whether it was a doll, a stuffed bear or a plastic soldier. That was your favorite toy and you loved it more than anything else in this world. What you probably don´t know is how it influenced your education and how, over the years, toys continue to improve the abilities and skills children need to prepare them for life.