Methenamine pill test

The ASTM D2859 or the methenamine pill test is required for rugs to be sold on the US market.

Useful mass (volume)

Test method to determine the total mass per unit area, total pile mass per unit area, and mass of pile per unit area above the substrate, and for the calculation of measured surface pile density and measured pile fibre volume ratio, of textile floor coverings.

Useful carpet thickness

Test method to determine the thickness of the pile above the substrate of a textile floor covering.

Dimensional stability of resilient floorcoverings

Test method to determine the dimensional stability and curling of resilient floor coverings, in the form of sheets, tile or planks after exposure to heat.

Scratch resistance

scratchboy detail

A simple, reproducible and effective technique to evaluate the hardness of coatings and other surfaces, such as floor coverings.

Electrostatic safety

Testing materials intended to be used in the manufacturing of electrostatic dissipative protective clothing (or gloves) to avoid incendiary discharge.