Carpet classification

European standard EN 1307 specifies the requirements for classification, domestic or commercial, of all carpets and carpet tiles, excluding rugs and runners into use classes. EN 1307 is linked to EN ISO 10874:2012, which is a classification system for resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings. The classification is based on practical requirements for areas of use and intensity of use.

Electrical resistance of floor coverings

In rooms with electronic devices (e.g. computers), it is essential to ascertain the electrical resistance of floor coverings.

Single flame source test (Kleinbrenner)

The test is required as part of the European construction products regulation classification of reaction to fire performance for wall and roofing products and floorcoverings.

Methenamine pill test - Ignition of finished textile Floorcovering

The ASTM D2859 or the methenamine pill test is required for rugs to be sold on the US market.

Scratch resistance

scratchboy detail

A simple, reproducible and effective technique to evaluate the hardness of coatings and other surfaces, such as floor coverings.

Electrostatic safety

Testing materials intended to be used in the manufacturing of electrostatic dissipative protective clothing (or gloves) to avoid incendiary discharge.