Dimensional stability of carpet tiles

The resistance to dimensional variation due to the effects of water and heat conditions is an essential requirement of carpet tiles.

Number of tufts and/or loops

Test method to determine the number of tufts and/or loops per unit Iength and per unit area of a carpet.

Lisson Tretrad test

The Lisson Tretrad testing machine is used to determine 4 aspects of textile floor coverings.

Carpet wear - changes in appearance

Testing and evaluation of changes in appearance by means of Vetterman drum and hexapod tumbler tester

Scratch resistance

scratchboy detail
A simple, reproducible and effective technique to evaluate the hardness of coatings and other surfaces, such as floor coverings.

Electrostatic safety

Testing materials intended to be used in the manufacturing of electrostatic dissipative protective clothing (or gloves) to avoid incendiary discharge.