The challenges and uncertainty caused by the pandemic have been a wake-up call and owner representatives and directors are now asking for new ways to ensure resilience and long-term growth. However, making the most of new opportunities is not just a matter of broadening perceptions or mindset. There also needs to be deep engagement to make new bets and address challenges ahead and, in the absence of agreed ways of working, there is now a need for a support and follow-up system, which can take years to agree and implement if you have nothing in place already.  

On June 24, 2021, the ISO website published an interesting article on the benefits of the ISO 56002:2019 standard -- Innovation management — Innovation management system — Guidance.

How can ISO 56002 help lay the groundwork to ensure greater resilience to future shocks?

The ISO 56002 innovation management system guiding standard was published and released just in time for the disruption of global value chains of 2020. The standard fits right into post-COVID action plans and existing management system structures. By adopting the concepts of ISO 56002, manufacturing companies and institutions can get a running start in their endeavours to innovate and transform. This adds new value to the supply chains that are being reshaped and allows more focus on technical uncertainty.

The effects of the pandemic have exposed existing vulnerabilities in supply chain services, processes and product supply. The global health crisis has opened up the need for industries to come together in interdisciplinary communities to take action and create new solutions and collaborations that were not considered before COVID-19.