14 October 2021 - World Standards Day: CEN TC 248/WG 39 ‘Circular Economy for textile products & the textile chain’ develops common rules for circularity, that avoid greenwashing and by creating a level playing field for all producers in the textile industry.

How do you balance opportunity and risk? ISO 56002 enables creative collaboration to flourish.

According to an inspection campaign conducted by the FPS Economy in Belgium in 2020, nearly four in five children's clothing items that were examined did not comply with safety regulations.

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FAMHP took a number of exceptional measures to guarantee sufficient availability of surgical mask that meet the minimum quality requirements for use as medical devices. These exceptional measures will be lifted on 1 February 2021.

The VUB carried out an independent market study on behalf of the NBN on the impact of standards on our economy.

CEN and CENELEC affirm their belief that European standardization can and should represent a reliable solution to counter the unexpected fragmentation of the Single Market, which appears to be one of the main economic effects of the ongoing crisis.

The need for face masks during this COVID-19 pandemic is enormous. People are encouraged to sew, 3D print, even crochet and knit face masks, from the - understandable - idea that you are better protected a little bit than not at all. But is it really?

Centexbel extends its activities as NBN sector operator to child protective and biobased products. Call for experts from the industry.