Vamutex, a textile company based in Herdersem near the city of Aalst, has been working intensely over the last two years to develop a light-emitting tape. Using an innovative process they have created a flexible luminescent tape that can be washed and stiched! Clicking the picture will reveal the luminescent effect of the tape The LED lights in the tape are bright and have a long lifespan. In January 2016, Vamutex filed a European patent application for the innovative process. Centexbel has assited the company with a "newness research" and with technical support during the patent application. Vamutex has created this luminescent tape, called the "LED Gallon", first of all to adorn garments. However, it can also applied in other textile products for interior or exterior use. If you would like assistance in introducing a patent application for your innovations, please contact Sander De Vrieze: If you are interested in or if you are thinking of a specific application for the "LED Gallon": contact