Source: NBN

For the sixth time, the NBN organised its Thank You Event on Thanksgiving Day. At Bozar in Brussels, during this festive evening, four Belgian experts and 1 NBN partner were extra honoured. They were presented with an award for their efforts in standards development and promotion.

Thank you, experts!

"Our experts work all year round to help shape standards. In all possible fields. Our society and economy reap the benefits of this," says NBN president Johan Haelterman. "We therefore consider it very important to thank the people working behind the scenes and give them the recognition they deserve."

These are the winners

The highlight of the evening was the award ceremony. Five Belgian professionals were allowed to take the stage. They received, each in their category, a well-deserved award to take home.

Award category 'SMEs': Jean-Pierre Clairbois

Jean-Pierre Clairbois is Senior Advisor at A-Tech (Acoustic Technologies). In 1989, he founded CEN TC226 WG6: the Technical Commission for Road Equipment, specialising in traffic noise reduction structures. As chairman of this TC, he contributed to the development of thirteen standards. And he conducted three major European studies that led to the creation and improvement of standards EN 1793-4, -5 and -6 for road traffic noise abatement. After 33 years of dedication to this difficult matter, he is now passing on the torch.

Award category 'large companies': Vera De Glas

As an R&D engineer at Sioen NV, Vera De Glas dedicates herself daily to the development of high-quality protective clothing. She is a member of some 15 European and international technical committees for protective clothing, textiles and personal protective equipment. In addition, she works as project leader on ISO 23616:2022, the international standard for cleaning, inspection and repair of firefighters' personal protective equipment.

Award category 'young experts': Bram Rotthier

Bram Rotthier (32) is head of department of energy technology at Odisee University of Applied Sciences and technical director at LEVA-EU. As chairman of BEC 125, the technical committee for Personal e-Transporters (PeTs), he is closely involved in the development of standards for electrically powered means of transport. He also contributes as an expert to standards for bicycles at European and international level. Bram lectures annually to energy technology students at Odisee University of Applied Sciences on standards development. He is active as a standards expert in IEC TC125 for electric vehicles, CEN TC333 for safe cycling and ISO TC149 for bicycles.

Award category 'non-profit & academics': Jean Pierre Cnudde

Jean Pierre Cnudde is professor emeritus at UGent. A geologist, he was head of the Belgian delegation of CEN 128 SC 8 (slate and stone products for roofing) from 1986 until this year. He did a lot of research to achieve a better standard. As European president from 2005 to 2014, he prepared all current roofing slate standards. He also introduced a new finished version that was unanimously approved, but has yet to be officially accepted. He gave more than 40 presentations, all over the world, mainly to architects, construction companies and roofers.

Exceptional achievement award: Centexbel

Centexbel received the 'Exceptional achievement award' for its collaboration on the Belgian Technical Document (DTD) of oral masks. This scientific centre for textile industry developed NBN/DTD S65-001:2020: community and artisan masks - guide to minimum requirements, confection, maintenance and use in just one week. In 2020, this document was downloaded as many as 3,689 times. In the European commission, it was listed as a best practice.