The 15 laureates of the ‘European Inventor Award 2016’ are known. 15 indredible inventions that have changed or will change our lives. Have a look at them at the EPO website and vote for your favorite! Our personal favorite is the Rolling fluid turbine of Miroslav Sedláček that generates enough electricity from the vortex created by the water running to the drain of a bathtub to provide several households with electricity. A bladeless hydropower turbine, developed by Miroslav Sedláček and marketed since 2015, promises to change how water current is transformed into electrical power, expanding application of hydropower technology to a myriad of previously untapped sources, including ocean tides and small brooks. Sedláček's "rolling fluid turbine" is a viable alternative to conventional hydropower dynamos, which have been generating power from water since they were first developed in the 1880s. Whereas traditional dynamos rely on blades submerged in high-velocity water streams, the rolling fluid turbine relies on physics to convert water's natural flow into upward pressure to generate electricity. Sedláček achieved his breakthrough by exploiting a curious hydrodynamic principle: the rolling fluid principle - a vortex dynamic which creates tremendous amounts of energy. By leveraging the naturally occurring suction of water and pumping it through a specially shaped turbine casing, Sedláček has been able to generate power with an output of up to 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day at efficiencies of 50-60% - enough power from a small turbine to meet the electricity demand of five European families or an entire African village. But don't let us decide in your place and pick your choice!