Title: Inflatable LED balloon
Inventor(s): Frederic Opsomer; Hendrik Claerhout; Marc Fichefet 
Patent number: EP4349437
Publication date: 2024-04-10

The invention pertains to an inflatable structure designed for showcasing images. It also covers techniques for storing and assembling the inflatable structure, as well as its applications.

The problem

Displays offer excellent visibility for notices, messages, or images. However, the visibility of screens can be limited, especially when multiple viewers want to view the images simultaneously. This can lead to unrest among people and even result in trampling. One possible solution to this issue is to use more screens or larger screens.

BR102020014461 presents an alternative display option in the form of an inflatable balloon covered with printed nylon. The covering is negatively printed, allowing the message to be displayed on the non-printed surfaces. LED strips are incorporated into the areas corresponding to the message, serving as a backlight to display the message. However, this system is limited to backlighting and cannot handle complex or dynamic messages. 

US20070014125 describes an inflatable balloon with a floating light source. The balloon is filled with a gas that is less dense than air, allowing it to float. The light source can be positioned inside the balloon or externally. However, this system is not suitable for large-scale constructions that require a greater number of light sources and a more intricate control and energy supply, making it impractical.

Both abovementioned systems are however limited in displaying complex and changing messages, as well as in processing data input.

The solution

The developers at PRG Projects have successfully created an inflatable structure that is designed for showcasing images. This inflatable framework is lightweight and can be suspended. The weight per screen area is significantly lower compared to conventional screens. Additionally, the LED lights on the surface of the inflatable structure create a screen that is visible from all angles. This inflatable framework is perfect for conveying safety guidelines, providing instructions, and enhancing the visibility of objects that are hard to see, particularly when the images need to be seen across a wide area. For instance, in an airport terminal or a factory, there are often numerous screens. To enhance visibility, an inflatable structure can replace these multiple screens.

The invention primarily focuses on an inflatable structure designed for displaying images. This structure consists of several LED lights, an inflatable balloon with at least one opening, and a supporting structure that closes the opening of the balloon. The LED lights are attached to the outer surface of the balloon. 

Additionally, the present invention includes other aspects such as a method for storing the inflatable structure. This method ensures that the delicate inflatable structure with LED lights can be stored without any scratches. By using this method, the inflatable structure can be easily stored in a container. Moreover, moving the structure to a different location becomes effortless as the container can be placed in a truck, for instance.

Furthermore, the invention encompasses a method for suspending the inflatable structure. This method offers the advantage of hanging the fragile LED lights without causing any scratches. Hanging the structure not only ensures better visibility of the displayed images but also enhances the overall viewing experience.

Lastly, the inflatable structure can be utilized for displaying images, resulting in an improved viewing experience and enhanced visibility of the images. The images displayed on the structure can be seen from all directions, providing a comprehensive visual experience.



  • The weight per screen surface is significantly lower compared to traditional television sets, thanks to the utilization of LED lights or strips. The lightweight inflatable structure can be easily hung and offers a three-dimensional design, unlike flat screens.
  • While flat screens are only optimal for viewers directly facing them, the inflatable structure's low weight allows for hanging and ensures a great viewing experience from any angle.
  • The LED lights on the inflatable balloon's surface enable viewing from all directions.
  • This inflatable structure is perfect for conveying safety measures, providing instructions, and enhancing the visibility of hard-to-see objects, especially when images need to be visible across a large area. For instance, in places like airport terminals or factory halls with multiple screens, replacing them with an inflatable structure can significantly improve visibility.