The invention relates to a loom and a method for weaving multilayer or tubular fabrics. The loom is arranged such that a shuttle for inserting a weft thread in between warp threads can operate a right and a left translation along two distinct lines.

Certain applications require a garment with a closure system that stays closed at all times during heavy duty, and that can be opened and closed without producing any sound.

The invention solves the problems caused by the multitude of movable rods inside mould cavities.

The invention relates to cleanroom coveralls with a reduced risk of contamination of the cleanroom environment, while the cleanroom coveralls are safe and/or comfortable to wear. The cleanroom coveralls have a well-controlled indoor environment that creates good and controlled working conditions for the user wearing the cleanroom coveralls.

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A rolled-up carpet is voluminous, heavy, long, and therefore almost impossible to handle by a single parcel deliverer. The elongated shape makes it difficult to arrange a rolled-up carpet among all the other parcels in a delivery van. As a result, the online sale of a carpet is practically not feasible, for it requires a specialized delivery service.

Aqueous fire-retardant composition and improved method to impart fire-retardancy to wood- and cellulose-based materials used in furniture and interior building construction.

Victor Dewulf and Peter Hedley have developed an AI-driven waste recognition and sorting system that waste processing facilities can use to quickly and accurately sort waste, ensuring that more of it is recycled.

Ontex developed and patented an improved absorbent core for hygiene articles, such as diapers. The absorbent core comprises a foam layer incorporating a nonwoven containing superabsorbent polymers.

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