Brazil based company invented a method to treat textiles against formation of microorganisms that are responsible for bad odors.

This study reveals the leading role of European and US companies and research centres in the development of new plastics that are easier to recycle or compost and/or are made from non-fossil sources.

Centexbel filed a patent for the use of a biobased textile coating!

To encourage the next generation of inventors, the European Patent Office has now established the Young Inventors prize.

In the context of the circular economy, there is a growing demand to recycle waste products containing bituminous products, not only clean production waste, but also used roofing products containing contaminated and degraded, aged bitumen and reinforcement parts.

Obstacles can be overcome by applying imagination, knowledge, and ingenuity.

BeMicron's patent lowers logistics costs for cleanroom garments

Spanish entrepreneur Carmen Hijosa has developed a versatile material that brands worldwide use as an alternative to leather. Her pioneering textile uses a waste resource, can be produced with less environmental impact than cow leather and is both cruelty‑free and vegan.

AGC Glass Europe - based in Louvain-la-Neuve - filed a patent for a carbon-based hydrophobic coating for fabrics and the process thereof.

This patent describes a method to produce textile floor coverings, which can readily be recycled to reuse a large amount of the materials and internal/external waste streams in the production process of a new article.