Grant fund of EUR 20 million helps SMEs to make the best use of their intellectual property!

Patented process to treat a marine or submarine textile material to prevent biofouling.

UGent Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology – Faculty of biosciences engineering - researchers study microbial communities & interactions to better understand and steer ecological processes to improve and enable biotechnological applications

Washcot’s philisophy: maximum comfort to the child and providing a valid alternative to young parents by offering them an efficient delivery and collection service.

The European Inventor Award honours innovators whose technical and scientific skill contribute to progress, economic growth and improving our lives.

Robert W Gore, who invented Gore-Tex technology while working for his father's company in Maryland, US, has died aged 83.

The analysis of complex samples (food samples of samples from nature) reveal that microplastics tend to be embedded in other materials, requiring time-consuming (bio) chemical purification and separation procedures.

Coexpair patented an invention to transport large pre-shaped woven fabrics for composite parts without damage

Projecten indienen kan tot 30 oktober 2020 om middernacht. Er worden opnieuw 3 awards uitgereikt: twee concept awards die elk 5000 euro in cash zullen ontvangen en één take-off award ter waarde van 40.000 euro.