Innovaders? That's 10 experienced innovation partners spread across as many sectors. 10 sparring partners that inspire, stimulate, support and above all help companies innovate.

Because the time is now!

We decided to create this platform both to underline the impact of collective research centres on the competitiveness of our companies and to remind public authorities that collective research still makes sense.

Jan Laperre, spokesperson of Innovaders in L'Echo of 27/8/2020

A world-class wake-up call 

March 2020 surprised with an uppercut. COVID-19 knocked on everyone's door and brought with it a tsunami of global changes. Consumer behaviour turned 180° and megatrends such as digitisation and sustainability gained tremendously in speed. For a moment, many companies didn't know which wood was used to make arrows, but these times of disruption also offer unique opportunities. Innovators are ready to help entrepreneurs regain their resilience and innovate fundamentally. Firmly rooted in their sector, the 10 innovation partners, united under Innovaders, are ideally positioned to support companies in innovation. Their experts put their in-depth market, product and technological knowledge and infrastructure at the disposal of each company in a collaborative formula tailored to their needs.

Low entry threshold for SMEs

In addition to tailor-made innovation projects, the 10 centres also offer collective research projects. Unlike innovation projects for one company, these are relevant research projects to which several companies can subscribe or they can also initiate their own research. This lowers the (financial) threshold for innovation, especially for SMEs. Moreover, the cooperation with other companies in your sector and the link between Innovaders partners ensures an exchange of knowledge and expertise and in turn leads to innovation and growth.

Book a discovery date!

Interested entrepreneurs can select their innovation partner(s) via You can then contact your innovation partner(s) for a list of ongoing collective research and more information about each research.

Entrepreneurs are guaranteed to find their most suitable sector-specific innovation and research partner(s) at

In addition, CEOs and R&D managers of each company can book a free Discovery Date to discover the many possibilities.

Welcome to the new world!

Innovaders unites 10 innovation partners for as many sectors. These partners are BCRC (ceramics), BIL (welding technology), Centexbel (textile and plastics processing industry), CRIC-OCCN (cement, cementitious materials and concrete), CRM (metallurgy), OCW (road construction), Sirris (technology industry), Volta (electrical engineering), WOOD.BE (wood and furniture industry) and WTCB (construction sector).

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