Almost four years into the project, we succeeded in developing different kinds of bio-based composites using four different processes. These materials are processed by similar techniques as conventional fossil-based composites, their mechanical properties are very promising and their environmental impact on the marine environment is lower than the one of conventional materials. 

During the final project months we will examine the recycling of these materials and study their behaviour in seawater in more detail. 

Call for demonstrators

The goal of the SeaBioComp project is not only to develop bio-based composites, but to also demonstrate that they can replace traditional composites used in marine environments.

The demo products and analytical protocols that the project will deliver should convince the marine and maritime industries that bio-based composites can offer a realistic and feasible alternative to less sustainable materials. 

The consortium is therefore launching a call to the industry to propose possible applications of bio-based composites in an offshore environment.

Demo products can include utensils (e.g. fishing gear, boats), floating structures (e.g. buoys, floaters) and infrastructure components (e.g. ships, anchors), and this in various areas of the blue economy (aquaculture, offshore energy, shipping, coastal defence, tourism).

Do you have an idea for a possible application? Please contact us.


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