Ontex developed sets of disposable channelled absorbent articles of a different type providing the user with different types of products adapted to different kinds of activities.

Decorative panels with interconnecting profiles make it possible to construct a so-called floating (wall, floor or ceiling) covering by means of a large number of panels connected to each other.

Twelve inventors or inventor teams from around the world have been nominated for this year’s Popular Prize.

The current invention provides a reinforcement fabric with improved tear resistance that also reduces the possible uplift under the wind load.

Belgian companies, universities and research institutions submitted a record 2,604 patent applications to the European Patent Office in 2022.

Indaver invented to an automated method for sorting foil from mixed plastic packaging waste.

The present invention relates to a processing machine for fibre plants, such as hemp or flax, and to a method for processing fibre plants with such a processing machine.

The invention relates to a loom and a method for weaving multilayer or tubular fabrics. The loom is arranged such that a shuttle for inserting a weft thread in between warp threads can operate a right and a left translation along two distinct lines.

Certain applications require a garment with a closure system that stays closed at all times during heavy duty, and that can be opened and closed without producing any sound.

The invention solves the problems caused by the multitude of movable rods inside mould cavities.