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Device and method to improve the cleaning quality of face masks.

The number of patent applications filed by Belgian companies, universities and research institutes at the European Patent Office (EPO) has increased by 3.3% in 2021.

During the last decade, nonwoven filter bags for vacuum cleaners have systematically replaced paper filter bags because of their much better properties. However, the use of high-quality and heavy nonwovens in disposable products has become highly critical for ecological reasons.

Innovative manufacturing method of a composite element with improved resistance to delamination

Flooring International patented their invention of decorative panels (imitation of wood, natural stone, or ceramics) that have antimicrobial properties, high wear resistance, and are easy to clean.

Legal Board of Appeal of the EPO confirms that under the European Patent Convention (EPC) an inventor designated in a patent application must be a human being.

REIN4CED has developed and patented a brand new impact resistant composite material.

Brazil based company invented a method to treat textiles against formation of microorganisms that are responsible for bad odors.

This study reveals the leading role of European and US companies and research centres in the development of new plastics that are easier to recycle or compost and/or are made from non-fossil sources.