Blue Print membrane developed a filtration membrane envelope with fine-tuned thickness specifications and improved mechanical properties, which maintain their stiffness, do not delaminate and have good compression resistance.

Gertrude Kignelman selected 8 recently filed patents in the field of PPE.

Recycling solutions for textiles made up of a mixture of fibres, without causing excessive damage to the fibres in the mixture, so that they can be reused in a new textile article.

The textile covering developed by Concordia Textiles has a limited weight of no more than 800 g/m2, making it extremely suitable for wind turbine rotor blades.

As of 1 June, there is a landslide in the world of intellectual property rights: a European patent with Unitary effect!

Ontex developed sets of disposable channelled absorbent articles of a different type providing the user with different types of products adapted to different kinds of activities.

Decorative panels with interconnecting profiles make it possible to construct a so-called floating (wall, floor or ceiling) covering by means of a large number of panels connected to each other.

Twelve inventors or inventor teams from around the world have been nominated for this year’s Popular Prize.

The current invention provides a reinforcement fabric with improved tear resistance that also reduces the possible uplift under the wind load.

Belgian companies, universities and research institutions submitted a record 2,604 patent applications to the European Patent Office in 2022.