Research on the suitability of biopolymers textile and packaging applications

Biopolymers have become a topical theme and are becoming increasingly important in the European textile sector. Therefore, Euratex has incorporated them in their "strategic research agenda" for textiles. Biopolymers are produced through biotechnology, in which either the entire process, a partial process or a partial product is bio-based. PLA is probably the best-known biopolymer. However, other biopolymers too are becoming better known, such as PHB (polyhydroxybutyrates), starch-based polymers and bio-polyurethanes. With the BioFlexCom project, we desire to develop 100% bio-products by using biopolymers in textile finishing and coating. The textile materials that will be treated as such ar natural materials (cotton, flax...) or biopolymers (PLA…).
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