Vertical green walls offer many advantages, although there are still many uncertainties to be solved. Therefore their application is not widely spread yet.

Green walls protect the underlying construction against weather conditions and UV radiation and have a positive impact on climate change. Plants reduce CO2  and improve the air quality by capturing fine dust.

Green walls will improve the biodiversity in cities by accomodating birds and insects. They will also mitigate the "urban heat-island effect" by protecting buildings from heating by a green foliage cover and plants absorb noise. Finally, green walls are just beautiful to look at and have a positive effect on psychological well being. 


  • Investigation of existing systems, their pro's and con's and optimisation.
  • Development of new technologies and products 

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Target group

Many companies (construction and garden landscaping) are installing green walls.

Soon after installation, some of these façades have lost all functionality and look neglected. The target group desires to change this and to collaborate in the development and optimisation of the systems. Once the knowhow is fully developed and available, innovation followers will be less hesitant to install the systems themselves, because the propability of failure will be less.