The Techtextil Innovation Award Ceremony

Copyright Pictures Centexbel and Thomas Fedra / Messe Frankfurt

The Techtextil Innovation Award 2024 was presented on 23 April 2024 at 12:30 pm during an official, media-effective ceremony.

Winners Techtextil Innovation Award 2024

The winners of this year's Techtextil Innovation Award of the leading international trade fairs Techtextil have been announced on Tuesday 16 April. Nine award winners in five categories received the award for their pioneering research, new products products, processes or technologies.The award-winning innovations show that textile solutions are essential drivers for further developments in numerous sectors such as aviation, automotive, medicine and construction.

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The "High Mass" of the textile industry, Techtextil, takes place every two years in Frankfurt. It is a vibrant gathering of textile materials, suppliers and production equipment, showcasing the latest innovations in the field. Centexbel aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most notable developments with its Horizon Exploration.

Even if you could not attend Techtextil in Frankfurt, you can still discover hidden gems during this horizon exploration!