In Europe, the standard EN 388 is used to regulate protection classes of cut restistant safety gloves. To achieve a high level of cut protection, several technical materials – known as high performance fibres – are used.

Testing procedures and product classifications are adapted to reckon with this continuous process of product and material developments. 

Rotating cut resistance test : Coupe test

Coupe test

The samples are cut with a counter rotating blade with an alternating movement and specific load.

  • sampling area: palm of the glove
  • linear movement of a rotating knife over the sample until the fabric is cut through
  • introduction of reference material (typically cotton)
  • altenration of sample and reference material until at least 5 results are registered 
  • loss of sharpness of te knife is compensated by cutting the reference material before and after the sample
  • cut resistance is determined by the number of cycles needed to cut trhough the sample related to the reference material
388 coupe test diagram

Linear cut resistance test (TDM-100) method


The ISO 13997 cut resistance test has been added to the revised standard EN 388 to reckon with the novel materials (high performance fibres) for protective gloves.

  • a fabric sample is fixed on a curved testing device and a force from beneath is applied
  • the knife sharpness is calibrated after each completed cycle or when the knife has cut through the sample
  • the cut-through is established when an electric contact is observed between the knife and the curved testing device
  • if the sample contains any metallic yarns, a plastic film is placed between the testing device and the fabric to prevent electric contact initiated by the fabric
  • the sample is submitted to a minimum of 20 cutting movements applied with variable forces
  • the distance that is covered to cut through the material is measured
  • the data are used to establish the force that is needed to cut through the fabric
ISO 13997 cut resistance


Marking cut resistance

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