Testing procedure

DMA 850

Dynamic thermo-mechanical analysis, DTMA, is an analytical method that dynamically measures the thermo-mechanical properties of a plastic material during heating or cooling. It determines the modulus of elasticity (or storage modulus, G'), viscosity modulus (or loss modulus G'') and the coefficient of vibration or damping (Tan delta) as a function of temperature, frequency and time.

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A standardised sample is installed between movable and fixed clamps.

3 possibilites:

  • Single of Dual Cantilever clamp
  • 3-point bending
  • Tension mode

By means of the mobile clamp a well-defined oscillation is introduced into the sample, raising the temperature gradually.

In function of the temperature, frequency and tension, the following data are measured:

  • E-modulus (E’ – Storage modulus)
  • Viscosity modulus (E” – Loss modulus)
  • Dampening modulus (Tan delta)

Testing applications

  • Determination of glass transition
  • Determination of the transition stages in plastics
  • Creep and relaxation behaviour at different temperatures

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