Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Analysis (DTMA) is an analytical method to determine the thermo-mechanical properties, under a dynamic load, of a plastic during heating and cooling. The tests provide a modulus of elasticity (or storage modulus G’), a loss modulus G33 and a dampening modulus (Tan Delta) in function of frequency and time. DTMA allows to detect very small transitions that cannot be detected by DSC.

Testing procedure

A standardised sample is installed between movable and fixed clamps.

3 possibilites:

  • Single of Dual Cantilever clamp
  • 3-point bending
  • Tension mode

By means of the mobile clamp a well-defined oscillation is introduced into the sample, raising the temperature gradually.

In function of the temperature, frequency and tension, the following data are measured:

  • E-modulus (E’ – Storage modulus)
  • Viscosity modulus (E” – Loss modulus)
  • Dampening modulus (Tan delta)

Testing applications

  • Determination of glass transition
  • Determination of the transition stages in plastics
  • Creep and relaxation behaviour at different temperatures


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