A test piece is subjected to a succession of mild abrasive rubs applied to a continuously changing pattern of folds created by a rubbing machine. The damage caused to the test piece is assessed visually.

Testing procedure

flexometer scrub tester

Flexometer Scrub Tester

  • each test piece is submitted to 2000 rubbing cycles on a machine with two parallel clamps giving counter-reciprocating motions and a foot pressing on the flexing part of the test piece.
  • six test pieces, three in the longitudinal direction and three in the transverse direction are submtitted to the test. 
  • if the fabrics are coated on both sides, 12 test pieces are submitted to the test so as to assess each side.

The type(s) and degree of change are assessed visually:

  • holes, cracks
  • surface abrasion and its depth
  • separation of support and coating, or separation of different layers
  • permanent creasing, etc.

The changes are evaluated directly or by comparison with a test piece of reference material.


Rubber or plastic coated fabrics

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