Mould base and inserts

Mould-base and inserts

A certified mould is used to produce predetermined ISO test samples from various raw materials.

The modular system allows swift changes between geometries.

Testing procedure

ISO certified moulded test samples

The test samples are produced by means of injection moulding according to the client's specifications or datasheets of the material.

It is also possible to measure the mould pressure and temperature.

Testing applications

Injection moulding samples and corresponding tests

The inserts are multicavities, which means that for most of them 2 or 4 samples are injected per shot.

Insert ISO A: samples type 1A dumbbell

  • Tensile ISO527-2
  • Impact ISO179-1/2 (Charpy) or ISO180 (Izod) - centre part
  • Bending tests ISO 178 - middle part
  • HDT ISO75-2 - middle part
  • VST ISO306 - middle part
  • DMA analyses ISO6721-3/5 - middle part
  • Hardness ISO868 (Shore A/D) - minimal required thickness = 4mm!

Insert ISO A: samples type 1A weldline 

  • Same as previous type but with weldline in middle of sample

Insert ISO 5A: sample type 5A dumbbell

  • Tensile ISO 527-2 5A- small tensile samples

Insert ISO B (80x10x4 equal to middle section ISO1A)

  • Impact ISO179-1/2 (Charpy) or ISO180 (Izod)
  • Bending tests ISO 178
  • HDT ISO75-2
  • VST ISO306
  • DMA analyses ISO6721-3/5
  • Hardness ISO868 (Shore A/D) - minimal required thickness = 4mm!

Insert ISO D1

  • Plates 60 x 60 x 1 mm

Insert ISO D4

  • Plates 60 x 60 x 4 mm

Insert ASTM D638

  • Dumbbell type ASTM D638 V

Insert UL94 (125 x 13 x 3 mm)

  • UL fire test

Insert Helix Flux (2 x 5 mm)

  • Spiral mould for rheological purposes

Insert fracture creep test (customized)

Insert flow edge test (customized)

Insert business card (customized – usable for laser marking afterwards)

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