TGA is an analytical method that measures the changes in weight of a test sample during a heating process.



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Testing procedure

A sample (5 à 10 mg) is placed on a fireproof tray.

The tray is placed on a balance in an oven. A thermocouple is put aside the tray and logs the temperature. The weight of the tray is measured in function of the temperature in the oven or the residence time.

The temperature typically rises to 900°C. The oven can be flushed with pure Nitrogen to prevent oxidation of the sample material.

The result of the test is weight reduction due to decomposition or evaporation.

The weight changes often indicate which materials decompose or evaporate. The temperatures to provoke these occurences are typical for certain components in a plastic matrix.

Testing applications

  • Determination of the thermal stability or thermal degradation of a material
  • Comparative measurement of a formulation

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