Bending test on plastic sample

Bending test

The universal tester is used to perform the following tests:

Tensile test: determination of the tensile-stress diagram. Depending of the type of tensile curve, a number of parameters can be determined

Bending test: determination of the bending modulus of force till rupture under load

Compression test: determination of the compression force

Testing procedure

Each test measures the force that causes a deformation of the test specimen:

Tensile test: the  sample is elongated at a constant speed. The force is registered by means of a load cell.

Bending test: the sample is submitted to deflection at a constant speed. The force is registered.

Compression test: the sample is submitted to compression till rupture or till the maximum compression is obtained.

Testing applications

  • Mapping the mechanical properties of materials
  • Comparative study to detect material problems or evaluate material choices

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