Resistance to damage at cut edges

Test method to determine the susceptibility of textile floor coverings to mechanical damage at cut edges. It is applicable to all textile floor coverings both as sheet materials and as tiles.

Number of tufts and/or loops

Test method to determine the number of tufts and/or loops per unit Iength and per unit area of a carpet.

Lisson Tretrad test

The Lisson Tretrad testing machine is used to determine 4 aspects of textile floor coverings.

Dimensional stability of carpet tiles

The resistance to dimensional variation due to the effects of water and heat conditions is an essential requirement of carpet tiles.

Carpet wear - changes in appearance

Testing and evaluation of changes in appearance by means of Vetterman drum and hexapod tumbler tester

Castor chair test

Evaluation of the change of appearance and stability of a textile floor covering or any damage caused by detachment of layers, opening of joints, or crazing of a resilient or laminate floor covering under the movement of a castor chair.
ISO 4918: Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Castor chair test
EN 425: Resilient and Laminate Floor Coverings - Castor Chair Test

Carpet classification

European standard EN 1307 specifies the requirements for classification, domestic or commercial, of all carpets and carpet tiles, excluding rugs and runners into use classes. EN 1307 is linked to EN ISO 10874:2012, which is a classification system for resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings. The classification is based on practical requirements for areas of use and intensity of use.

Electrical resistance of floor coverings

In rooms with electronic devices (e.g. computers), it is essential to ascertain the electrical resistance of floor coverings.

Useful mass (volume)

Test method to determine the total mass per unit area, total pile mass per unit area, and mass of pile per unit area above the substrate, and for the calculation of measured surface pile density and measured pile fibre volume ratio, of textile floor coverings.

Useful carpet thickness

Test method to determine the thickness of the pile above the substrate of a textile floor covering.